The first edition of the Commonwealth Song Contest, often referred to as Commonwealth Song Contest 1, was the inaugural edition of the Commonwealth Song Contest. The contest was held in New Zealand, after it won a bidding contest between the founding members of the Commonwealth. After this, the public broadcaster of New Zealand chose the city of Dunedin as the host city. A total of 8 countries went to Dunedin in the first edition, which meant that only 1 final was held.

The contest was held between the 31st of March and the 4th of April. The winner was Malta, with the song Right Here by Red Electrick. This was the first victory of any nation in the contest and the first ever victory for Malta. Singapore finished in 2nd place for the first time in the contest, with the televote favourite Australia closing the top 3. The hosts New Zealand finished in last place. 

Hosting Edit

Hosting was chosen by a randomiser for the first edition. The randomiser chose that New Zealand should host the first edition. Dunedin was the only bidder, so they got the opportunity to host.

Results Edit

All 8 countries voted. The winning margin was 2 points.

Draw Country Artist Song HoD Points Place
1 United Kingdom Malinda Kathleen-Reese ft. Ed Sheeran Gradually Watermelon Nev
2 New Zealand Ruby Frost Comeback Queen Srijan
3 Malta Red Electrick Right Here Nathan
4 Cyprus Eleni Foureira Pio Dynata iiLaxertin
5 Ireland Celtic Woman ft. Oonagh Tír na nÓg Bongo
6 Singapore Haneri Feel Alright Chimlin
7 Canada Billy Rafoul I'm Not A Saint Effie
8 Australia Pauline Pantsdown I Don't Like It Compa
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